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Kent, Kevin & Amy Doerfler are pleased to announce that Doerfler Farms has been sold to Victor Point Farms.

The Doerfler family is excited that the Rue family, who are the owners and operators of Victor Point Farms, have accepted their proposed offer. The Rues and Doerflers have a generational history through close family ties, community support networks, as well as working together in a wide range of farming activities. Their joint goal is to ensure grass seed farming in the Willamette Valley continues to thrive for decades to come.

The Doerflers saw the Rues as their natural appointed successor because:

  • Victor Point Farms is a family owned and operated grass seed farm.
  • The Rues have similar morals, principles and goals to the Doerflers.
  • The three Rue brothers all have young children (5th generation) that are part of their succession plan.
  • They value the skills and experience that the employees will bring to the new organization.
  • They also value the landowners and the input that vendors supply to the continued success of the farming operation.

(Left to Right) Kent Doerfler, Lucas Rue, Amy Doerfler, Joel Rue, Donna Rue, Ben Rue, Jesse Rue, Kevin Doerfler

Kent, Kevin and Amy’s decision to sell the farm was based on the three of them looking towards the next chapter of their lives, yet wanting to keep the organization intact. It takes a united team to run an operation the size of Doerfler Farms. Since the majority of the next generation of Doerflers have chosen alternative directions in their careers and locations, the Doerflers believe the Rues are the natural progression.

The Doerflers are conscious of the needs and thoughts of all of their stakeholders at this time and well into the future. The Doerfler Farms employees, landowners, and vendors all have been major contributors to the success of Doerfler Farms over the years. The Doerflers are grateful for their loyalty, service and friendship, and hope that those relationships will continue on with the Rues and Victor Point Farms.

The effective date of the sale is December 16, 2021. From that date forward, Doerfler Farms will be known as ‘Victor Point Farms’. The Rues will take 100% ownership & responsibility of the management and operation of the farm. Kent, Kevin and Amy will assist the Rues in the successful transition. However, all farming practices and decisions will be addressed by the Rues.

The Doerfler family is confident that their landowners, vendors, and employees will experience a seamless transition, and will be appreciative of the direction that the Rues’ will lead the farm. The Rues have expressed their strong desire to continue the good working relationships that have been forged over many years. They do not take for granted the value that each landowner, vendor, or employee brings to the operation of the farm.

The details of the sale are private and confidential. Thank you for your understanding on this point.

Kent, Kevin and Amy wish you well and expect that you will continue to prosper under the management of Victor Point Farms

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