Victor Point Farms

A Family Owned And Operated Grass Seed Farm Specializing In Quality Seed For Parks, Lawns And Golf Courses

Victor Point Farms is a family owned company that has been farming in the Silverton hills since 1910.

Though it is 100% family owned, Victor Point Farms needs its loyal and highly qualified employees to keep it running smoothly. We also recognize the importance of earning the trust of our landlords whose property is used to produce our seed crops.

By contracting with seed companies up and down the Valley, our high quality turf grass seed is used in golf courses, parks and lawns all over the United States and different parts of the world. Fine fescue, tall fescue, ryegrass and bentgrass are regularly rotated with wheat, clover and radish. Diversification of crops helps supplement soil nutrients as well as reduces weeds and helps break insect and disease cycles.

Oregon’s temperate climate is conducive to exceptional grass seed growing conditions. As a highly sustainable crop, grass seed not only helps reduce erosion with its fibrous root system, but also sequesters carbon from the atmosphere and produces oxygen.

Farming is a family tradition in the Rue family.

It’s become a way of life and a way to take care of the land we’ve been given. Our great grand-father, Knute Rue moved to Oregon in 1910 and specialized in logan berries, hops, hogs and cattle. Today the Rue family continues the Rue family farming tradition and now specializes in sustainably farmed grass seed.

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Our mission: Striving for excellence in the production of grass seed, while maintaining integrity and sustainability

At Victor Point Farms we strive for excellence in every aspect of farming operations.
We believe we’re good stewards of the land and maintain every acre like it’s our own living space.
grass seed farmer-in-training

Victor Point Farms takes pride in quality, integrity and sustainability for future generations.

We use modern equipment and technology to reduce our carbon footprint by lowering emissions, and utilize environmentally friendly farming techniques to have a minimal impact on the environment through minimum tillage and weed control to prevent erosion. We constantly strive to have a minimal impact on the environment.

Striving For Excellence In The Production Of Quality Grass Seed

A family farming tradition since 1910

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