About Victor Point Farms

Our Mission

Striving for excellence in the production of grass seed, while maintaining integrity and sustainability.

Our History

Farming has become a generational family tradition. It’s become a way of life and a way to take care of the land we’ve been given. Our great grand-father, Knute Rue moved to Oregon in 1910 and specialized in loganberries, hops, hogs, sheep and cattle. Then our grandfather, Waldo Rue, continued to farm after serving in WWII while raising livestock and growing grain and grass seed. When he retired, Joel Rue took over farming in 1976 raising peas, oats, wheat, sugar beets and brassicas-but predominantly grass seed. Today, Joel and all three of his son’s, Jesse, Lucas and Ben, farm together.

The Doerfler Farms/ Victor Point Farms Acquisition

In 1973, when Bob Doerfler took over his family’s farm, he made a transition from raising livestock to growing grass seed. Throughout the following 30 years, Bob grew the farm tenfold. When he died in 2003, his children, Kent, Kevin and Amy worked toward diversifying markets and increasing efficiency. Over the next 18 years they were able to stabilize the farm’s acres along a 40 mile swath through Marion and Linn county.

On December 16, 2021, Doerfler Farms was sold to Victor Point Farms. The acquisition was initiated by Kent, Kevin and Amy Doerfler who are longtime friends and neighbors of the Rue family. Their decision to seek out Victor Point Farms as their successor was due to their families sharing the same values, goals and principles. By combining these two separate operations into one united Victor Point Farms, we feel we are stronger than the previous entities. We hope we can keep this farm sustainable for generations to come, while carrying on both the Doerfler and Rue family legacies.

Land Stewardship

We take pride in the fact that we grow a sustainable crop such as grass seed in various geographical areas. With our rocky soils, we are able to minimize erosion by raising cool season perennial grasses. In addition to stabilizing the soil, our grass seed crops stay green for over 10 months out of the year. This means they are constantly photosynthesizing and producing oxygen for us to breathe. Taking care of the land is top priority for us here at Victor Point Farms, and we are proud to do that and be part of Oregon agriculture.

Striving For Excellence In The Production Of Quality Grass Seed

A family farming tradition since 1910

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