Seed Production

With a sizable production footprint, Victor Point Farms operates in a variety of communities within the Willamette Valley. We take pride in producing quality crops while providing integrity and sustainability for future generations. At the same time, we work toward being good neighbors with our cultural practices. By using modern equipment and technology, we reduce our carbon footprint by lowering emissions. We also utilize environmentally friendly farming techniques to minimize our impact on the environment through minimal tillage and proper weed control. In order to provide efficiency and maintain quality production, we constantly find ourselves investing in newer equipment with the latest technology.

Cool Season Grasses

  • Fine Fescue – A large proportion of our grass seed acres are devoted to the production of Fine fescue. Fine fescue by nature, grows well on lower fertility soils and certainly performs well in the hills where we can find rocky conditions. The fine fescues are predominately shade grasses but also are used in turf blends with Perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass. The Fine fescues require far less fertilizer than some other turf grasses and can survive very cold climates. The three types of fine fescue we grow are Creeping Reds, Chewings and Hard fescue
    • Creeping Red Fescue – does creep with underground stems called rhizomes. It is a cool season grass that performs well in cold and damp climates. Many of the improved varieties have dark green color and prefer around a 1.5” to 2” mowing height.
    • Chewings Fescue – does favor a bit drier climate than creepers but is also a very good shade tolerant grass. The dark green varieties blend well with perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass. The chewings varieties can be mowed a little bit tighter than the creepers.
  • Tall fescue
    • Turf Type Tall fescue – has become an increasingly popular cool season grass. Through selective breeding programs , the new varieties have dark green color, slender leaves, drought and cold tolerance. Tall fescue is also very durable and performs very well on athletic fields.
  • Perennial Ryegrass
    • Perennial Ryegrass – is another very attractive turf grass that germinates quickly and performs very well on lawns, golf courses and athletic fields. Most varieties have very good color and grow well in warm or cold climates.
  • Bent Grass
    • Highland bentgrass – is an old standby grass that can be used in lawns and golf courses. It is a very hardy grass that does well in lower maintenance conditions.
  • Cereal Grains
    • Soft White Winter Wheat – is grown and shipped to Asia where it is used in noodle production.

Specialty Crops

  • Clover – Clover is grown as a rotational cover crop. As a natural nitrogen fixer, clover improves soil health and stability by adding nutrients to the soil and requiring less fertilizer. It produces fibrous roots which also help aerate the ground.
    • Red Clover – Red clover is an excellent soil conditioner, with an extensive root system that permeates the topsoil.
    • Crimson Clover – Crimson clover’s primary advantages are rapid growth during cool weather, shade tolerance and a positive reseeding potential.
  • Radish – Radish is also a rotational cover crop grown to provide soil cover, scavenge nutrients, suppress weeds, alleviate compaction and penetrate plow pans. We raise the seed that can be used as a cover crop in the mid-west or other parts of the country.


We have several hundred acres of Douglas fir trees grown for timber production. On some of our steepest terrain we plant trees that will be harvested for lumber. Growing timber provides a crop that can help stabilize hillsides and at the same time provide carbon sequestration. Although there is a long term investment, the trees provide habitat for deer, elk and many other forms of wildlife.

Where to Buy

  • Grass Seed – All of our grass seed is sold to bulk distributors who then sell to retail outlets. We do not sell directly to the general public.
  • Other Products – Please call 503-769-2205 to inquire about all of our other products.

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